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Image Download Tool for OS X

Gallery Grabber QED is a tool for downloading graphic files from web based picture galleries to your hard-drive.

Gallery Grabber QED has been temporarily removed from sale as of August 2018. Behind the scenes a brand new version of Gallery Grabber QED is being built afresh, from the ground up. The new version will be for MacOS 10.12 Sierra or above. [Sneak Peek]

Screenshot of Gallery Grabber QED

Drag a gallery page link from your browser to Gallery Grabber's main interface to download gallery images. For Safari and Firefox users, Gallery Grabber browser extensions are available for even easier grabbing.

Gallery Grabber can automatically determine the type of web gallery that has been dropped, extracting only the gallery images themselves - leaving banners, thumbnails and page design behind.

When more control is needed Gallery Grabber's automatic behaviour can be overridden, forcing a gallery to be downloaded using a specific method:

In automatic mode Gallery Grabber provides specific support for galleries on certain websites (deviantArt, iWeb Galleries, PBase, Photo.net and Facebook). Please note, Facebook support only works for public album pages (a public page is one that does not require you to log in).

To get a better understanding of Gallery Grabber QED's capabilities please take a look at these Frequently Asked Questions.